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This is CNN, Where Chicago's Rampant Murder Rate is Republicans' Fault

Over at Newsbusters, Mike Bates lays out the facts. Chicago hasn’t elected a Republican mayor for 80 years. Illinois is dominated by Democrats, who tend to leave office straight for prison. There are several Democrats in the state’s legislature under investigation for various offenses right now. So one can make the case that Democrats rule Illinois, they rule Chicago, and they have a culture of ethical lapses. One can also make the case that Democrat policies on law enforcement in Illinois and Chicago have quite a bit to do with the city’s horrific murder rate — more than 500 last year. Whether any of that has played any role in Chicago’s rampant murder rate or not is an argument to be made, but the one argument that cannot be credibly made is that Chicago’s rampant murder rate is Republicans’ fault. They have no — zero — power in Chicago and very little at the state level. And they only control the House at the national level.

None of that gets in Democrat strategist Robert Zimmerman’s way, though. Zimmerman isn’t just some schmuck. He’s the DNC committee member from New York. Has been for 13 years. He was a trustee for Obama’s inauguration. He has actual influence within the Democrat Party at the top level. Robert Zimmerman of the DNC and presidential inauguration committee would have the world know that Chicagoans are killing each other at alarming rates because of the House Republicans and their “mindset.”

And let’s be very clear about what’s happening in Washington today and why it’s undermining the city of Chicago, because there’s a mindset now in our government, in Washington, from the Republican members of Congress, that sequestration is an acceptable way of doing business, that we can in fact engage in these massive irresponsible cuts that no one thinks is a logical approach to budgeting.

And that undermines law enforcement in our cities; it undermines so many education opportunities for our younger people and it does in fact — in fact create an impoverished class of our society that leads to abuse, leads to violence and leads to more Chicagos.

Zimmerman’s position is literally insane. He’s nuts. Barking mad. He should be locked up and barred from owning a firearm or ever operating any heavy machinery. The CNN host, Carol Costello, reacts to him about as mildly as possible.

COSTELLO: Yes, but I don’t —


COSTELLO: I don’t think you can leave Democrats out of that one.

No, I suppose not. They only control all of the power in the city and the state.