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Mordor-City Madhouse: Detroiters Blow Off Taxman

Gloom hangs on Detroit like a pair of sopping wet, beltless trousers on a street thug.

The Detroit News reveals that more than half of city residents ignore the property tax bill, and those who do pay it feel like suckers.

Of course, conservatives may rail that this is the byproduct of decades of ‘progressive’ governance. Not so fast. We may be seeing the development of a conservative Utopia.

You see, the city and most its residents have reached an agreeement. For its part, the city refrains from providing basic safety and infrastructure maintenance, while the residents do their part by investing their erstwhile tax dollars in food, clothing and recreational items (instead of taxes), all of which stimulates the economy.

So, if you want smaller government and lower taxes, the secret is to rapidly grow the size of government until it collapses.