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Let It Go: Former Rep Appeals Suit Against Group Who Hurt His Feelings In Election Loss

Man up, Nancy Boy.

A former Ohio congressman who sued the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List for contributing to his election defeat has appealed after a U.S. District Court judge ruled against him last month.

The move by former Rep. Steve Driehaus appeared to come as a surprise to the Susan B. Anthony List, which effectively declared victory in the case after the ruling in late January. President Marjorie Dannenfelser said in a statement it is “frustrating” to see Driehaus pursue the case “knowing that he should never have started this legal battle in the first place.”

In a nutshell: in 2010 he ran as a pro-life Democrat who also happened to be a yes vote on Obamacare and the voters said, “Yeah…no.” Driehaus is blaming his loss on a group that claimed his “yes” vote meant he supported taxpayer-funded abortions, which the ACA surreptitiously does.

“We have to pass the bill to find out what’s actually in it…”