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WOW! An American Buys a Gun Every 1.6 Seconds

While Obama and the Democrats may want to severely curb our Second Amendment rights, he is, paradoxically, the undisputed top salesman for firearms.  Yes, he’s been keeping a firm grip on that title, and Gregory Gwyn-Williams at CNS News did the math showing how Barry is a gun manufacturer’s best friend.

According to data compiled by the FBI, there have been 21,947,062 background checks completed since January 1, 2012 for individuals purchasing firearms.That works out to one background check every 1.56 seconds! Here’s how:

There are 397 days between Jan. 1, 2012 and Jan. 31 2013 (2012 was a leap year).

397 days equates to 9,528 hours or 571,680 minutes or 34,300,800 seconds.

If you divide the 34,300,800 seconds by the 21,947,062 background checks completed over this time period, it works out to one background check for every 1.56 seconds.

That’s a lot of background checks.

Well, as Allahpundit posted yesterday on Hot Air, there’s a bipartisan consensus developing on expanding background checks.  So, it looks like law-abiding Americans – and bureaucrats – should brace themselves for the extra paperwork.

Pew found 85 percent support last month for mandating background checks “for private and gun show sales.” A week later, Gallup saw 91 percent support for background checks for “all gun sales.” Even Wayne LaPierre has been known to talk them up in the past, if not recently. Lots of political cover for Congress to make a move here, in other words. But will voting for any form of new gun regulations expose the average House Republican from a very red district to a primary challenge? If you believe the polling, it shouldn’t; even Republican voters like this idea. Then again, if you’re a GOP incumbent, why take the chance?


According to sources in both parties, they’re making “significant progress.” The AP offers a few more details, claiming that sales “in remote areas” and sales to gun buyers who’ve already been screened and approved for concealed carry might also be exempt from further checks. Maybe the real question here isn’t whether a majority of House Republicans will support it but whether Boehner’s willing to blow up the Hastert Rule yet again and try to pass the bill with a huge number of Democrats and a few dozen centrist Republicans to push them over the line to 218. The votes are surely there to make this happen given the polling; it’s a simple matter of whether Boehner feels as comfortable cutting his caucus loose on an issue as red-meat as gun control as he did on drier matters like the fiscal cliff and Sandy relief bill.