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Catholic Bishops Not Feeling It On Obamacare Contraception Faux Compromise

Keep trying there, buddy.

American bishops said Thursday the Obama administration’s latest compromise on birth control coverage and religious employers doesn’t go far enough to answer church concerns.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops said a bigger buffer is needed between religious charities and any third party arranging contraceptive coverage. Bishops also want a clearer statement that faith-affiliated hospitals and other nonprofits are religious ministries. And church leaders continue pressing for an exemption for owners of for-profit business who say the requirement forces them to violate their religious beliefs. The government has given no indication that it is considering a religious opt-out for business owners.

As a practicing Roman Catholic, my fervent hope is that they keep rejecting these “compromises”. This may have been the most arrogant of all the overreaching in the Affordable Care Act it’s frightening to think of what the government will do if it gets the idea that it can dictate policy for religious-run institutions.

Four more years.