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Sanders: ObamaCare's About to Cause a Primary Mess

The most liberal Democrat in the Senate has called a hearing to draw attention to how ObamaCare could hurt millions by pushing patients into a system with a shortage of primary care doctors.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has argued in support of the Affordable Care Act, but wanted it to go further in establishing universal healthcare.

Tomorrow, the 71-year-old senator’s Subcommittee on Primary Health and Aging will study the “crisis” caused by 57 million people living in areas where they do not have adequate access to primary care due to a shortage of providers.

In announcing the hearing, Sanders said the problem is likely to grow worse because of the growing and aging population and expanded insurance coverage under ObamaCare provisions which will take effect in 2014, just 11 months from now.

“With 30 million newly-insured individuals seeking care, one-quarter of the primary care physician workforce nearing retirement age, and only 7 percent of medical students choosing primary care residencies, it is clear that we are facing a major crisis which must be addressed,” Sanders said.