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Forget Subtlety-Media Encouraging Executive Overreach For Second Term

If you’re the sighing type, start now.

So, where is progress likely? The first is on climate change. The legislative path is totally dead. The Republican Party simply does not acknowledge unlimited dumping of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as a public-policy problem. Polls show that Republican voters are becoming even more skeptical of climate science even as the evidence strengthens. The administration does, however, have the chance to resolve the largest outstanding piece of the climate agenda by unilaterally imposing regulatory changes on power plants through the Environmental Protection Agency. Senate Democrats are laying the groundwork to back up Obama if he does so.


The article also discusses comprehensive immigration reform, which has me tripping down the conspiracy road.

First, it would seem as if the MSM wasn’t really as surprised as they pretended to be on Monday about the specifics of the President Obama’s speech. Gosh, it almost leads one to believe that they’re working in concert with the administration.

Second, this also seems designed to get the public thinking that this nightmare of an economy shouldn’t be a part of the Obama legacy, even if they are forever going to blame it on George W. Bush and “obstructionist” Republicans in Congress.

Quite simply, they’re massaging the legacy for historians.

Because they believe they have that kind of power.

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