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The Class Issue of Gun Control

“Do As I Say Not As I Do” is a favorite conservative rejoinder to preachy liberal hypocrisy.  There is no better evidence of this than the President and his celebrity echo chamber refusing to even entertain the notion of placing security officers in schools.

Today the NRA has dared to remind the populace that Obama’s children attend a school with armed guards.  The liberal response has been that the President, the target of world wide enemies, needs secret service protection for the potential hostage-taking of his children.  But the school his children attend had armed guards before his kids attended.

But this hypocrisy doesn’t stop there.  Consider the celebrities who line up behind the President’s executive actions: Steven Spielberg, Rosie O’Donnell, Barbara Streisand.  In addition to these celebrities having their own guards, Spielberg is known as the biggest gun collector in Hollywood. 

Worse than private security forces, however, is how celebrities are willing to use violence to make a buck.  Jaimie “Let’s Kill All The White People” Fox advocates gun control while his Jango film, with the usual Tarrantino body counts, is making him a millionaire.  Jeremy Renner, the newest version of the ultra violent Jason Bourne series, also demands gun control.  John Cusack, the star of Grosse Point Blank, a film which balances humor with violence (in one scene Cusack drops a TV set on Dan Ackroyd) supports gun control.

There is an old saying about “shooting yourself in the paycheck,” which in essence, means don’t engage in self-destructive behavior against your employer.  Violent films equate into big box office, and literally and figuratively, the celebrities will not imperil their salaries.