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[VIDEO] James O'Keefe Strikes Again, Exposes Hypocrisy of Anti-Gunners

Would you advertise your home as “proudly gun free?” Would you do that if you’re a journalist or politician who has recently railed against gun ownership?

James O’Keefe wanted to find out if anti-gun politicians and journalists would tell the world that they have no firearms in their homes, by posting a sign in their yards declaring that their homes are gun free. He tracked down politicians, columnists and even MSNBC’s Toure. Sales of the free “This Home is Proudly Gun Free” signs were very difficult to come by. Even at the home of New York Journal News publisher Janet Hasson, whose paper mapped the homes of legal pistol permit holders. She has armed security at her home now.

The Journal News staffers consistently tell O’Keefe’s group the same message: “I agree with you, but I’ll pass on posting your sign in my yard.”

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