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Brent Musberger, You Magnificent Troll

Remember last week, when ABC/ESPN’s Brent Musberger had to apologize after he committed the outrageous sin of complementing a lovely woman? Feminists slammed him, the network’s suits emptied themselves of all their testosterone, it was a thing. Everybody was talking about Brent Musberger while looking at pictures of Katherine Webb.

Last night, Musberger broke his silence on his bad habit of saying nice things. Musberger’s repeat offense came at the end of the NCAA men’s basketball contest between Kansas and Baylor.

Musberger closed the broadcast with a shout-out to some members of the ESPN team.

“For Fran Fraschilla, and Holly Rowe, who was really smokin’ tonight, I want to say so long from Lawrence.”

No word on why Fran Fraschilla didn’t merit singling out for being “really smokin’.” But it’s probably because he’s a dude.

An LA Times blogger suggests that Musberger must be either bitter or dirty.

How about, he has a sense of humor over the absurdity of what happened to him last week?

This week, people will be talking about Brent Musberger while looking at pictures of Holly Rowe. The 72-year-old just trolled the world.

Well played, Brent.