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Devastated, and then Motivated, By the Re-Election of Barack Obama

The reelection of Barack Obama rocked me to the core.  As a conservative Latino I’ve always been of the opinion that if I worked hard in America, I could accomplish anything.  That was B.O., before Obama. For the first time in American history, I see a president who isn’t encouraging Americans to reach for the stars, but rather coaching us to be satisfied with what we have, or more accurately, what he’ll allow us to keep.  Mr. Obama openly advocates limits on success saying, “We’re not, trying to push financial reform because we begrudge success that’s fairly earned. I mean, I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.”   He’s a president who has elevated class warfare to an art form.  In so doing, he’s created the greatest divisions in our land in my lifetime.    In the last election I was sure that America would see this leftist for who he is, a man hell-bent on punishing America for our success.  They didn’t.  It wasn’t the fact that Mr. Obama beat Romney that drove me nearly into a depression.  It was the fact that so many low-information voters, as Rush Limbaugh refers to them, reelected a man who so perfectly personifies the term “anti-American”.   It was the realization that we get four more years of class warfare and Obama’s crap sandwich he calls an economic recovery.   I was overcome by a feeling of loss.  I feared we’d go the way of Europe.  I feared that my fellow citizens had taken a cue from our president and abandoned the idea of American exceptionalism.  I feared that my children would only have massive unplayable debt and a lower standard of living in their future.  In short, I gave up on the American dream,  that is until I realized that’s just what Obama and his lackeys want me to do.

Mr. Obama is a terrible president.  He’s out of his depth in foreign policy.  He has the aptitude of a 3rd grader as far as the economy goes, and his massive ego is on display for all to see. As a Hispanic, raised in a tradition that promotes a strong work ethic, I find President Obama lazy.  He seeks leisure and is genuinely uninterested in anything that doesn’t promote his personal brand or agenda.  It seems Obama’s impediment is contagious.   Democrats, like Senator Harry Reid, have adopted Obama’s work ethic.  Reid has ignored the law by neglecting to pass a budget, going on four years now.  As for Obama, he does have one superior ability.  He’s an accomplished politician.  The GOP leadership, was outclassed by this politician who, by every other measure, is the worst to ever hold high office in America.  With no credible opposition after reelection, Obama decided he’d spend his political capital by going for the jugular on the Republicans.  With instincts characteristic of any left-wing dictator Mr. Obama appears determined to castrate those who oppose him.  Examining the recent conduct of GOP leadership, he’s succeeded.  Obama’s fiscal cliff deal didn’t solve our economic problems.  It wasn’t intended to do that.   It was designed to obliterate the GOP, which has since abandoned its conservative roots and decided to be Democrat-light.  The one-two punch of the election and fiscal cliff deal both had the desired effect, throwing the GOP into disarray and dispiriting the rank-in-file across the country.  Obama’s victory is almost complete.  But he made a crucial mistake. He’s underestimated the American spirit in the 61-million who didn’t vote for him.

President Obama and his left-wing cronies drew first blood.  Now, I’m resolved more than ever.  It appears I’m not the only one snapping out of the post-election daze.  I’m hearing renewed vigor among my conservative friends and compatriots across media and news.  Obama’s unabashed attempt to annihilate his political opposition, at the expense of the wellbeing of the country, reveals the caliber of man he really is.  Obama’s actions, and those of his extreme left-wing allies in Congress, have turned us mere political opponents into dedicated fighters.  We, unlike the GOP, see Obama for what he is.  He’s no better than some two-bit thug from Chicago, Damascus or Caracas.  I’ll be damned if I’m going to let the likes him easily destroy the country I love and mortgage my children’s future for his own personal comfort and legacy.  I choose to fight.  I will fight him with every measure of my being.  I will bring to bear, as much opposition as one man can.  I will visit upon Obama every misery and headache that he has sought to inflict on our people.  I will rally against those who support him.  I will raise money for credible conservatives who oppose Obama’s extreme “Occupy Wall Street” agenda.  And I will not stop until he leaves office.   Obama may win the day in the end.  America may end up diminished and emulating Europe, or worse.  But he and his ilk won’t take America without a fight.  He may have knocked the GOP for a loop.  But we conservatives are made of sterner stuff.  We had some good mentors who were practiced in standing up to left-wing extremists.  Compared to those leftists, there’s nothing I see that is all that special about President Barack Obama.  Note to Republicans, you’re either with us or against us.  If you’re not up for the fight, get the hell out of the way.

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