Iran's Biological Weapons

My friend Reza Kahlili reports that the Iranians have developed some new biological weapons they plan to use against us at the appropriate moment.  You’ll recall that Reza was an officer in the Revolutionary Guards Corps, where he worked as a CIA agent.  I always take his work seriously, and you should too.


No form of WMD frightens me as much as biologicals.  Germs exist, epidemics can kill a lot of people, and there are ways to spread them.  The Soviets worked very hard on such weapons, especially on anthrax, and according to Reza’s source, the Russians, along with those ghoulish North Koreans, have been helping Iran prepare its biological arsenal.

Yes, I think there should be hearings.  And yes, if the information is accurate, I believe that action should be taken against the labs and stockpiles.

I have only one quibble with the story as Reza’s source tells it.  He talks about various high-tech ways of spreading plague, etcetera.  Those methods range from infecting insects to spraying the stuff on us from the air.  Maybe they are preparing those things.  But there’s an easier way:  infect a few people, and let them wander around crowded areas like airports, movie theaters, subway stations and trains, and the like.  A few coughs and sneezes, and voila!

It’s a proven method.  The Spaniards did it to the Neapolitans in the 17th century and wiped out half the population of Naples.  You can read about it here.

Damn right it’s serious.  Deadly serious.



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