LOL: Media Plays Up LA Gun Buyback that Turned up (OMG!) Rocket Launchers

Does one have to be an idiot to work in the mainstream media, or does it merely make one promotable to the corner office? Some have been in a fit because Los Angeles’ guy buyback program turned up a pair of “anti-tank rocket launchers.”


Los Angeles officials declared victory yesterday, after their gun buyback program managed to pull in 2,037 guns, including 75 assault weapons and two anti-tank rocket launchers, the LA Times reports. Yes, you read that correctly. Residents turned in the weapons for grocery store gift cards, no questions asked.

That’s just crazy! You know what’s crazier? You can buy that stuff online. Here’s a page selling some. Here’s more. And try not to faint, but here’s a military rocket. And a rocket-propelled grenade. It’s crazy, just any old person can buy those things. Scary, right?

The word that appears on all of those pages — inert — means quite a bit. Let’s see if anyone in the media looks it up.

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