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NY State Sen. Ball: 'We Need to Have a National Conversation About Nut Control'

A New York state legislator — who proudly says he lives in a 400-square-foot cabin with five shotguns — is proposing a bill to keep gun records private, and keep a paper like The Journal News from publishing gun owners’ addresses again.

“You have to realize on this list you have victims of domestic violence who got a permit to be able to protect themselves. You have New York City police officers who are retired. And now any nut job or criminal can go online and decide to go after their family,” state Sen. Greg Ball (R-N.Y.) said on Fox Business Network today.

“And, at the end of the day, we’re talking about a bunch of eggheads at a very liberal newspaper that they don’t go out of their way to show us where the sexual predators live. … They’re focusing on the people who [own guns] the right way, are following the law, paying their taxes, and they put them in the same category as a level three sexual predator. That is B.S.”

“There’s a lot of talk right now about gun control. We need to have a national conversation about nut control,” Ball said.

Ball said he’s familiar with the “very anti-Second Amendment newspaper,” having to appear before their editorial board each election season for an endorsement “which I wouldn’t accept it if came with a million dollars.”

“This is not about the Second Amendment only. It’s a privacy issue. They shouldn’t have done it. And now we need to make sure it’s illegal so it will never happen again,” he said. “I think with the furor that has been unleashed, I think we have a real possibility to get this done in the vein of privacy.”