The First Paragraph of This AP Story Says It All

W. O. W.

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez employed as an unpaid intern in his Senate office an illegal immigrant who was a registered sex offender, now under arrest by immigration authorities, The Associated Press has learned. The Homeland Security Department instructed federal agents not to arrest him until after Election Day, a U.S. official involved in the case told the AP.


Later in the story, we learn:

ICE officials complained that the delay was inappropriate, but DHS directed them several times not to act, the official said.

It was not immediately clear why federal immigration authorities would not have been notified sooner about Sanchez’s status.

Oh, it’s clear enough, and immediately too. Menendez is a Democrat. DHS under Democrat Janet Napolitano is a disaster, a department less interested in its actual statutory mission, securing the homeland, than its political mission, protecting Democrats. Terrorism is no longer terrorism to this DHS, but a “man-caused disaster.” The border cannot be secured. Deportable sex offenders aren’t deportable sex offenders if they work for Democrats in good standing with the Obama government.

That’s pretty clear.

Sidebar question: Just what is going on in Robert Menendez’s operation, anyway?


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