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Obama, Democrats Insisting on More $timulu$ $pending in Fiscal Cliff Deal

The Sideboob Gazette has the story, which confirms that the Democrats just want more and more blank checks to spend more and more money until we are, finally, ruined.


Senior Democratic officials on Capitol Hill and in the White House say that the media and Republicans are mistaken to assume that the stimulus measures were included as mere bargaining chips. In fact, the Democrats say, they’re important building blocks for President Barack Obama’s second term in office.

That’s because the “fiscal cliff” deal may be Obama’s last, best chance to win spending or tax-code concessions from Republicans.


A top Senate Democratic aide — speaking about the talks, like many others, only on condition of anonymity — was blunter in his assessment. “The idea of extending UI [unemployment insurance] is not a trade-away chip. That’s essential. The idea of replacing payroll with something is something they feel very strongly about,” he said. Another top Senate aide said that the stimulus is “very real” and that it has consistently been a part of every proposal Democrats have made. A top GOP aide said he wasn’t sure how serious the White House is, but the stimulus has “been on every piece of paper they’ve sent us.”

Getting these components into law will require deft backroom negotiations. A GOP aide involved in the talks said that insistence on the stimulus measures would be “just more evidence they are slow-walking us off the cliff.”


The Democrats are insisting on including two things that are poison to the economy: Tax hikes on job creators, and more borrowed spending that we will have to pay back eventually. They’re creating a government bubble. Nothing short of absolute ruin seems to get their attention, and that may not even be enough.

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