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Obama Parties (Again) While America Edges Toward the Fiscal Cliff

I wonder, where is the RNC? Does it still exist after November 6 or did it just shut down entirely? I ask, because here’s a story that it might be able to use to turn around some bad poll numbers on the fiscal cliff negotiations. Yet…silence from the RNC.

“There were some hotel rooms trashed and mayhem all around,” Mr Obama said at the reception for Kennedy Center Honours, awards given for lifetime achievement in the performing arts. “So it’s fitting that we’re doing this in a room with windows that are about three inches thick and Secret Service all around.”

He told the aging rockers to “settle down” and reminded them that “these paintings are valuable”.

Mr Obama, who was only seven years old when the band formed in 1968, said that Americans had immediately embraced Led Zeppelin even “when the Brits initially kept their distance”.

“We honor Led Zeppelin for making us all feel young, and for showing us that some guys who are not completely youthful can still rock,” he said.

Great band, great songs, but it’s not like a ceremony to hand them a medal could not have waited until the fiscal cliff talks were done and a deal had been hammered out. Obama has literally put being a celebrity and hanging out with celebrities ahead of doing his job. If we go over the fiscal cliff, millions of Americans will suffer. Obama knows this; he just doesn’t care.

He behaves in this way, assured that a majority of Americans aren’t paying enough attention and will blame the Republicans for whatever happens. When the levee breaks on all those tax hikes that are coming, the GOP will have to answer for Obama’s actions. It’s not fair, but there isn’t much in life that is fair. It’s reality.

So it’s on the Republicans to tell the voters about this and warn them that Obama is playing around with a bunch of rich celebrities while he is paying no serious attention to the economy, no?