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Sandra Fluke, Person of the Year? Absolutely!

“At least Hitler could draw a crowd.” So says Stephen Green, to the news that Sandra Fluke is a candidate for Time‘s Person of the Year.

I’m going to break with my fellow astonished conservatives and praise Time‘s choice. I can think of no better person to represent the current zeitgeist of the culture than Sandra Fluke.

Miss Fluke, a 30-something law student at one of the most prestigious universities in the nation, shot to fame when she testified before Congress that yes, people such as herself should be given free stuff. Never mind that nothing in this world is free, and never mind that some people might object to being forced to pay for the lifestyle choices of others. Never mind all of that, just give me stuff. Never mind that my demand for free stuff violates other people’s freedom of conscience. Just give it to me, and shut up.

Upon graduation, Fluke can expect to make more money in one year than many Americans can expect to make in several years. Economic hardship is not in her future. If she goes the route of becoming a public face of the Democrats in one way or another, she can expect not only money but real power and influence. She will be granted these things not because of anything she achieved, and not because she is unusually persuasive, but because she is forthright in saying that she is entitled to it all, and more. This entitlement mentality is a threat to the country’s fiscal health, but never mind that.

People like Sandra Fluke re-elected Barack Obama to the presidency. She is the perfect choice for Person of the Year.