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Winner of 'It Is Good To Be King' -- Photo Caption Contest

Here is a hardy Thanksgiving thanks to all who submitted politically incorrect and hilarious captions to our ‘world famous” Tatler Photo Caption Contest.

Reading your submissions was just the prescription I needed to lift me out of my post-election doldrums.

There were so many winning captions but here are the best of the best, all submitted by our talented contest regulars.

“Now we can begin REAL wealth redistribution!”

Submitted by RockThisTown

These next three were submitted by Chris Henderson (who wins or comes close to winning every photo caption contest.)

“Get ready Joe, here comes my second Nobel Peace Prize!”

“Good news. We get 4 more years to blame Bush!”

“You see Joe, P.T. Barnum was close. There’s 61,173,739 born every minute!”

The next submission is from another of our award-winning regulars, cfbleachers:

“Lying through our teeth, it’s Faaaaantastic!”

But the Grand Prize Winner of “heaping mounds of Thanksgiving PR” is Meximom  (who I believe is a newcomer to our contest) with this jewel:

Robin unmasked, teams up with Joker to destroy Gotham!

Love it!  Meximom, please come back and play with us again!

And to those who entered this contest, as well as our past contests, here is an even more tender turkey-time thanks on behalf of all PJ Media readers who enjoy the fruits of your labor.

See you all next time a photo is worthy of a Tatler Photo Caption Contest!