The Tears of Santa Monica

According to church lore, St. Monica shed tears for her son, Augustine, who strayed from the Christian faith. A city with a beautiful name in California has now banned the display of a nativity scene this Christmas. A 58-year tradition is gone and with it, right to of the city’s residents to celebrate their faith.


The atheists’ excuse is that the nativity scene constitutes an “establishment of religion,” which the Constitution only forbids Congress from doing. But in a post-modern world in which the ends clearly justify even evil means and loud dishonesty trumps all, well, judges do whatever the hell they want and the majority of the American people really have no say in how our lives are run anymore.

Yet the town that can no longer show a nativity scene retains its name — Santa Monica. Saint Monica. How long before atheists sue to change it? And Los Angeles (“the angels)? And San Francisco (named after Saint Francis of Assisi)? And San Antonio (named for Saint Anthony)? And on and on and on and on.

The atheists had better get busy. They have an awful lot of Stalinist airbrushing to get done.

They could succeed in squashing Christianity in the United States. GQ’s question to Marco Rubio about the age of the earth is, among other things, part of the overall drive to push Christians from the public and political spheres forever through ridicule. It has been done successfully in other lands and in other times. Americans are no less human and as Obama’s re-election proves, no longer wiser than others in choosing our leaders. The judge’s ruling is a symptom of an underlying and potentially fatal cultural disease.


But the errant Augustine changed his ways and become one of the titans of the early church. Currently there are by some estimates 100 million Christians thriving in the illegal churches in China. Japanese, Korean and other Christians smuggle Bibles to them every year, despite the Communist government’s threats to imprison them if they’re captured.


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