What's Really Behind the Sudden Scandals with High-Ranking Generals?

While so-called smart people are easily distracted with bread and circuses, the Chicago Way seems to be running the Obama administration. They don’t give you a road map to figure out what’s going on underneath the radar. You have to follow the bread crumbs.


You have a situation where Egypt’s top generals have recently been replaced, and Turkish generals have been replaced, and now in the USA you have honorable senior military officers removed.

Is there an effort to do the same in the USA by discrediting highly competent officers? Would it make it easier for example, to downsize the military by discrediting senior people? Other well known people including some previous presidents have recently done far worse than Gen. Petraeus, but the media apparently didn’t think too much was wrong in their cases, and they survived bigger and better than ever. Salacious, titillating stories make the headlines. Too many coincidences. Meanwhile 2 months later, no answers on why 4 dedicated Americans died in Benghazi while making frantic calls for help followed in real time. Seven hours fighting for your life and no help? How long would it have taken a jet to at least buzz the terrorists? Forty-five minutes? Inquiring minds would like to know.

Apparently the media have their priorities backwards. Meanwhile distraction after distraction are fed to the media. What’s the real story?


Transformation is well underway…and with 4 more years, most agencies will probably have an overabundance of  left wingers in charge, producing a kleptocracy worthy of Zimbabwe. $16 trillion in debt is basically treated as monopoly money….an afterthought. Americans have  probably got 2 years to restore sanity, not 4 years. That means getting better organized sooner rather  than later.

How does the Chicago Way GOTV operate? The end justifies the means?

One would hope it was all just a dream and people were really sincere about solving critical problems instead of acting like political hacks while the sheep have the wool constantly pulled over their eyes. Time is quickly running out before the public loses their faith in politicians.


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