The PJ Tatler

Wishful Thinking

Hugh Hewitt:

I look back at 1984, and say, when Ronald Reagan won a huge reelection, it was an affirmation of his policies. That did not happen here [in 2012]; there is no mandate, because it’s not 1984. However, people have to lay down those markers, and make an argument, beginning tonight, that “we told you so.” This is going to be the two-year “we told you so” cycle. When the currency crisis comes, when the national defense crisis comes, when the Islamists hit us again, it is a “we told you so” moment, and Republicans can’t be afraid of that.

A large number of the voters who gave Barack Obama four more years weren’t born in 1984. You might as well be talking about 1884 as far as they’re concerned.

Saying “we told you so” after the crisis comes or when Islamists hit us again isn’t likely to do much good. Islamists have hit us during Obama’s term, once in Texas and once very recently in Libya. What happened? Obama’s government called the Texas attack “workplace violence” and screwed the victims out of their due benefits. Obama flat out lied about Libya, Candy Crowley and CBS did their best Walter Duranty (another irrelevant figure from the dim past that none of Obama’s voters have any clue about) and and helped cover up the lie. And of course, Obama was re-elected.