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Eugene Debs once said that he would not want to be considered by his fellow socialists their leader, for if they trusted him “to lead them into the promised land, then someone else can lead them out.”

Last night this type of leader-worship won. Obama the Messiah, Hail Obama (as one boy joyously proclaimed at a rally), the political figure that Woody Allen believed should assume dictatorial powers won because of robotic leader worship. Obama already has delusions of Godhood, and he will not doubt regard this victory as a mandate from “his” people.

Conservatives might be tempted to throw up their hands, and stick their heads in the sand. I did a similar thing during the Clinton years; I gave up and focused on non-political matters. The people have spoken and what they have said is they want socialism. Conservativism lost–decisively. So what to do, how to cope?

The technique of Lech Walesa, that brave dissident against the Soviet occupation of his country might help. Against a regime that sought to control every aspect of his daily life, Walesa adopted the “as if” mindset. Walesa refused the regime’s legitimacy by behaving as if he could read what he wanted, vote for who he wanted, write what he wanted–in short, behave like a free man.

We could do the same. We can behave as if we won’t be penalized for not having health insurance, won’t be forced to include in our insurance plans funding for abortions, won’t be forced to pay high taxes.

This method helped Iron Curtain citizens cope. And it will work even better in ours. We have the recourse to challenge unjust laws, not only by grabbing a lawyer, but in taking to the streets.

My fervently Democratic wife once asked what us tea party folks wanted. My answer was that, if they mean what they say, they will, once in power, give it away to state and local governments. We could behave as if this has happened, and the proximity of the government to pressure is within walking or driving distance.

This isn’t denial; it is a way not to allow the Obama regime their willingness to trample the Constitution. Don’t burrow your heads conservatives–behave “as if.”