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Libertarian Party: Use Your Vote to Tell GOP Naysayers to 'Go to Hell'

Libertarian Party supporters received an email last night telling them that a vote for Libertarian candidates, despite Republicans telling libertarian-leaning GOPs not to, is “your chance to tell them to go to hell.”

“Vote Libertarian — or Please Don’t Vote!” the subject line read.

“Your vote for Libertarian presidential candidate Governor Gary Johnson tomorrow will have 10 times the impact of a vote for Obama or Romney. Because your vote may well determine the outcome of the 2012 election. It’s that close,” the email stated.

“For years, Republicans have told us ‘Don’t vote Libertarian because it doesn’t make any difference.’ This year, they’re telling us ‘Don’t vote Libertarian – because it does.’ …Now’s your chance to give them something to really whine about.”

The party followed this up with a morning email saying that voting Libertarian is “a vote you’ll never regret” because “you are voting FOR your values, your principles, and your love: liberty.”

The former New Mexico governor and Green Party candidate Jill Stein participated in an online debate last night hosted by Russia Today.