The PJ Tatler

Election Glitches vs. Election Fraud

Elections are messy things.  All morning True the Vote has been getting reports of election glitches and voter fraud.  They aren’t the same thing.  For example, optical scanners that don’t work, polls that aren’t open, these things happen every election.  The system isn’t perfect and we can expect more of the same.

Fraud and lawlessness, on the other hand, are things that can be controlled.  Law address fraud and lawlesssness.  For example, the NAACP broke the law last week when it illeglly entered polling places n Houston, Texas.  A parade of apologists have excused the Houston NAACP just like others excused the New Black Panther Panther Party.  

Both glitches and fraud are bad.  But the latter affects the integrity of our democratic process.  That some organizations deny that voter fraud occurs is a disgrace.