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3rd Anniversary of Fort Hood: Victims Sue Government Over Terror Designation

Victims of the Fort Hood attack marked the third anniversary today of the mass shooting with a lawsuit against the federal government.

Called a “last resort” to get the government to characterize the attack as terrorism, the 148 victims charge that the feds neglected to protect them before the shootings or support them afterward.

Army Major Nidal Hasan has seen numerous trial delays, the latest over his refusal to shave his beard. He’s accused of killing 13 and wounding 29 in the 2009 spree.

“For three years the U.S. Government has derided or ignored efforts by myself and others to get the recognition and compensation we deserve as victims of a terrorist attack. Filing a law suit was the only remaining option available,” said Shawn Manning, a victim of the Fort Hood shootings and the lead plaintiff in the suit. “Three years without justice, decency or respect is long enough. We deserve better.”

Despite pressure from some lawmakers, the Pentagon has indicated that it wouldn’t reclassify the shootings from “workplace violence” to terrorism while Hasan is in the middle of his trial process.

“No one wanted to sue the U.S. Government but their actions – and inaction – left us no choice,” Manning said. “We remain hopeful that they will choose to do the right and honest thing.”

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