RNC Requests Action to Voting Machine Irregularities

Breaking news from the RNC, after several voters in more than one state have reported voting machines selecting Barack Obama for president, when they had marked their ballot for Mitt Romney.


WASHINGTON – Today, the Republican National Committee submitted a letter to election officials in 6 states – Nevada, Ohio, Kansas, North Carolina, Missouri, and Colorado – because of reports about voting machine irregularity. In a significant number of cases in each of these states, individuals who desired to cast a ballot for Mitt Romney instead populated a vote for Barack Obama.

We request:

1. All voting machines be recalibrated before Election Day.

2. Additional technicians in the event of further issues.

3. Sign notification reminding voters to double-check the correctness of their ballot in the machine before final submission.

4. Verbal guidance to remind voters to make sure that the ballot they cast is correct.

I’ve long been an advocate of paper trails with these electronic voting machines. I haven’t had any problems with them, but there needs to be some way of redressing any glitches or purposeful mistakes these machines can make.


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