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Michael Moore/MoveOn Ad Threatens to 'C*ck Punch' Mitt Romney, Burn The Nation Down

Michael Moore’s latest ad claims to be a message from the “Greatest Generation,” but it’s really just a message from an execrable person and a disreputable group. The man who claimed that Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was a happy happy place full of kite-flying kids uses elderly actors to threaten violence using profanity. Warning, graphic language and explicit threats of personal and widespread violence:

Suffice it to say that these folks do not represent the prevailing attitude among older voters, who are more likely to support Mitt Romney than Barack Obama.

The ad doesn’t represent any majority view on election security, either. The ad claims that there is widespread outrage at “voter supression,” which is far left code for voter ID. But about 71% of Americans across all demographic groups support requiring people to show photo ID before they vote.

So the offensive and exploitative ad is a lie from the first frame to the last.

President Obama owes it to the nation to disavow both Michael Moore and for producing and sponsoring the ad.


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