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Meghan McCain Uses Super Storm to Goad Republicans on 'Climate Change'

Subheadline: Meghan McCain, still an idiot.

Political analyst Meghan McCain, daughter of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), is challenging widespread GOP skepticism about climate change in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

“Political analyst” is being very generous. Meghan McCain’s opinion would not be sought after if not for who her father is, and the fact that she consistently embarrasses him with her ignorant statements, ill-advised tweets and posing as a Republican while in fact being a silly and vapid person.

“So are we still going to go with climate change not being real fellow republicans [sic]?” McCain wrote, via Twitter, around midnight as the storm was slamming ashore.

McCain’s father has advocated for curbing greenhouse gas emissions and co-sponsored cap-and-trade bills several years ago.

However, substantial numbers of Republicans now dispute widely held scientific views about global warming and the extent of humans’ contribution.

It’s not just Republicans who doubt the political taxation campaign that has come to be called “climate change.” (The climate itself does change, as it always has and always will until the Sun burns out. That’s not politics, it’s science. But “climate changes,” as it has become a political issue, is hokum.) It’s people who think for themselves, who doubt “climate change.” People who have kept track of Climategate and watched Michael Mann falsely claim to have won a Nobel doubt “climate change.” People who know who Mann is (I suspect Miss McCain is not among them) and who understand the significance of his easily debunked lie, doubt “climate change.” Mann is the “hockey stick” guy. If he lied about winning Nobel, what won’t he lie about?

Only 18% of Americans even rank “climate change” as their top environmental priority. Meghan McCain is the leftist media’s stooge and useful idiot. Nothing more, nothing less.