Are Media Imagining the World After Obama?

A day after tussling with President Obama over whether he would allow an interview to go on the record (Obama eventually bowed to pressure and let it go on the record), the Des Moines Register offers up this stark front page.


That’s not even subtle — side by side headlines, one negative, one positive. And look at the photos. The president looks exasperated or maybe a bit shifty. Romney is smiling. The president literally looks small in the frame, befitting the campaign he has run. Romney dominates the image on the right.

Today, Bloomberg does what amounts to a post-mortem on the Obama campaign, saying that it “blundered” by ceding the middle to Romney (a far left candidate such as Obama was bound to cede the middle to pretty much anyone). Politico imagines how Romney would govern. Yesterday the New York Times tried its hand at scapegoating Bill Clinton (!) for Obama’s defeat. Even David Letterman admits his disappointment that Barack Obama has been lying about the auto bailout.

Several more newspapers — the New York Post, the Detroit News and the Loudon County (VA) Times — are now among the papers that have come out and endorsed Mitt Romney.

There just may be something big going on here.

More: Even NBC has noticed that Obama’s crowds in 2012 are a tenth of what they were in 2008.


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