Should CIA Director General David Petraeus Resign Over Libya?

Today’s news, that according to e-mails, U.S. officials knew the attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11 killing four Americans, including our Ambassador, was a terrorist attack within two hours.


Obviously, this means CIA Director General David Petraeus immediately knew most, if not all of the details.

So why did General Petraeus stay quiet when the president and his administration, insisted for two weeks, that the attack was a response to a video,  including Obama’s speech before the United Nations when his boss mentioned the video as the root cause of the attack several times?

This leads one to ask the following questions:

Did Petraeus knowingly take part in the Obama administration’s cover-up?

If so, he should resign.

However, if General Petraeus is not involved in what is looking more like a cover-up, than why has he not resigned his post as Director of the CIA to save his own credibility?

General Petraeus, clearly one of the nation’s most respected leaders, now occupying an important civilian national security post, will be central to unraveling all the questions swirling around this attack that is now  “growing like a cancer on the presidency.”



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