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What Does Gloria Allred Think She Has With Her 'October Surprise?'

The liberal harridan is said by Drudge to have some kind of “October Surprise” for Mitt Romney. Since she is famous for representing aggrieved women, it stands to reason that her new “client” suffered some indignity at the hands of Mitt Romney or someone very close to him.


Daily Mail:

Republicans are bracing themselves for Gloria Allred to make a potentially damaging revelation about Mitt Romney, just weeks before the election.

The pro-President Obama lawyer is rumoured to be preparing for her so-called ‘October surprise’ in which she will strike the Republican presidential hopeful’s chances by unearthing some sort of secret or scandal.

Ms Allred has refused to comment on the rumours, which first surfaced in a tweet by the Drudge Report’s Matt Drudge on Thursday.

‘Here she comes. Hearing Gloria Allred out there again, about to make a move. After all, it’s her time of the campaign. Team O at the ready!!’ Mr Drudge wrote on Twitter.

According to, Ms Allred launched a last minute strike on GOP Meg Whitman’s campaign for governor of California by representing a disgruntled former housekeeper.

In the pivotal moments of the campaign, the lawyer wheeled out Nicky Diaz who alleged that she was fired by the Whitman family because she was an illegal immigrant.

Whitman went on to lose the election to Democrat Jerry Brown.

Ms Allred refused to confirm or deny the rumours regarding Governor Romney.

‘I have no comment at this time about Mr Drudge’s Tweet. I don’t discuss meetings with potential clients,’ she told

But Republicans commentators are running scared, rallying the troops for a pre-emptive attack.


The likelihood of a woman coming forward charging an extramarital affair seems remote. One would think such a revelation would have surfaced by now, considering that Romney has been running for president virtually non-stop since at least 2006.

Similarly, the idea that a woman who was sexually harassed by Romney making an appearance would also be a stretch for the same reason.

But Allred has a lot of dirty tricks up her sleeve and her specialty is sleaze. Neither possibility — adultery or harassment — should be ruled out because another thing we can be virtually assured of is that Allred will have little or no evidence to back up any claim of wrongdoing.

Does the Romney camp know what it is? Even if they did, they can do nothing except sit back and wait just like the rest of us.

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