From The Spin Room: We Have Had Disagreements With Israel Before, But NEVER On Survivability Issues

Peter King, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee (yes, I know House and Intelligence is an oxymoron), answered some questions about the breakdown in relations between the administration and  Israel.  King said it was clear president Obama has a disdain for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.


King added that Israel doesn’t trust Obama on Iran, and rightfully so.  On one hand Obama says the US will protect Israel should Iran get on the precipice of nuclear weapons; on the other he ties Israel’s hands. The president wants Israel to give time for the sanctions to work, but initially opposed congressional action to strengthen those sanctions.

He closed with a money quote: “We have had disagreements with Israel before, but they have always been on subjects such as settlements or boarders. This is the first time in our history where an administration disagreed with Israel on an issue of basic survivability.”

He added that the issue of a nuclear Iran is one that should not only concern Israel, but the entire Western world.


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