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Winner of President Obama Cracks Up Before Your Eyes - Photo Caption Contest

Photo illustration by Isaac Lopez/NY Daily News, Photo by Alex Brandon/AP

Once again, I would like to thank PJ Tatler readers for submitting so many hilarious and creative captions to our latest Tatler Photo Caption Contest.

In fact, the captions were so entertaining and politically savvy,  I needed to call on my good friend, that world famous spin doctor to movie stars, presidents, kings, sheiks and athletes, to select the grand prize winner.

Drum roll please…..

Dr. Spin’s winning caption was:

Media Glue warning. Do not expose to the truth.  Submitted by Kimbly

Congratulations Kimbly!!  As our winner you receive nothing but priceless glory and Dr. Spin knows your name!

Here are the winners just outside Kimbly’s circle.

Sorry, Mr. President, would you repeat that? Couldn’t hear you. You’re breaking up.  Submitted by L Fisch

This debating business isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be. Submitted by WALT C

“Romney won the debate?! That really cracks me up!!”  Submitted by Chuck

Was that Holy Water you splashed on me?  Submitted by Melanie   (I know who you are and if this means what I think you meant it to mean, this caption is really politically incorrect and violates one of our contest rules which is to “be nice.” )

You didn’t build this. The media did..


I lose a little energy when Maher and Matthews start frackin’ me.  Submitted by cfbleachers  (one of our usual star contest winners)

Finally, Chris Henderson, another winning star submitter wrote:

Nobel Pieces Prize

Seriously Chris, if Dr. Spin had not chosen the winner, I would have picked your caption and Kimbly’s to share the grand prize. Kudos to you for being so clever!

Thanks to everyone for playing along and see you next time a photo is worthy of a Tatler Photo Caption Contest.