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Obama Camp Goes Very Small with Big Bird Ad

America in 2012 faces big problems: A moribund economy, the national debt totally out of control, terrorist attacks on our soil at our embassies around the world, a looming budget battle that may cripple our national defense, and on and on. Instead of talking about any of that, the Obama campaign is out with a laughable ad castigating Mitt Romney for saying he would cut the federal subsidy to PBS.

Moe Lane chuckles. Even Politico pans.

Do you know what the real message of Obama’s Big Bird ad is?

That no one anywhere in the Obama campaign is serious about anything. They’re not serious about the budget or any of the problems we face.

If we can’t even discuss the possibility of cutting something as small as the PBS subsidy in a time of hundreds of TV channels available 24/7 by cable or satellite, then we can’t really discuss cutting the federal subsidy to anything. Well, except defense. Democrats are consistent about that one — even when the threats to America are on the rise, they’ll cut the military’s capability.

But Big Bird? A dude in a bird suit is literally more sacred than our religious freedom to Team Obama.

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Give it a week or so, and, in a grand harmonic convergence of Democrat talking points, Big Bird will be dating Sandra Fluke.

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