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Winner of 'Obama and His Bent Knee Body Language at the Debate Podium' - Photo Caption Contest

As we have come to expect, PJ Tatler readers have responded with numerous hilarious and creative captions to our latest Photo Caption Contest.

If you remember, our standing rule, “stay classy” was suspended for this contest, so thanks for avoiding, “going off the rails of the crazy train” in lieu of that rule suspension.

With that said, here are the winners chosen by me alone (since my usual co-judge, the infamous “Dr. Spin” has informed me he is out today cavorting with kings, sheiks and movie stars.)

Honorable Mentions:

I wish I were an empty chair. Submitted by Adi

Good thing I’m wearing dark pants or everyone would see another form of “trickle down” going on.  Submitted by Larry J

If the shoe doesn’t fit, you must acquit (me of debate malpractice). Submitted by Falco (Remember to pick-up Fluffy from the vet on your way home.)

Where is that button for the trap door, I saw it here earlier Submitted by Melanie

“No… Not a nic fit, not now…”  Submitted by Guy Vestal

Even standing still, Obama trips up.  Submitted by Morton Doodslag

“If I’m defeated, maybe I can get on Dancing With The Stars’.”  Submitted by RockThisTown

The Great Prize Winner is:

Hmmm . . . I wonder if Obamacare covers restless leg syndrome.  Also submitted by RockThisTown

Congratulations to RockThisTown!  I would like to party with you like it’s 1999!

Finally, there is one more entry and a writer that needs some recognition:

What, Obama a “knee-jerk” liberal? I’m shocked!  Submitted by Chris Henderson

Chris Henderson was the winner of our last caption contest and many before that!  Curious about the secret to his success, I asked Chris for an explanation in the last winner’s post. Here was his reply left in the comments section:

It’s because my jokes really are shovel ready!

Seriously, a while back I compiled list of all the gaffes, blunders and otherwise foolish stuff Obama has said and done — it’s a LONG list! So I just scroll down the list (and keep scrolling, and scrolling…) and plug in whatever comment/action would best fit with a photo…then I translate the comment into the Austrian language.

Written like a true champion! Thank-you Chris, and thanks to you all for playing along!

See you next time there is a photo worthy of a Tatler Photo Caption Contest.