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[VIDEO] Obama Voter Says Vote for Obama Because He Gives Out Free Cell Phones

The truth is, she’s right, at least about the U.S. government giving away cell phones. We’re going broke as a nation, yet picking up the tab for millions of Americans’ cell phone bills. As of 2011, the program cost $1.6 billion per year and under Obama, use of the program has risen sharply.

Mitt Romney was right; such a person is not going to be persuaded to support him with a tax cut program. He could try to buy her vote by paying her DirecTV bill, but he would fail because, in the lady’s words, he “sucks.”

That charming lass is not alone in seeing Obama as the Great Dispenser of Free (Taxpayer Funded) Crap. Remember Peggy Joseph?

These two can outvote you.

How many more millions are there out there just like them?

Update: According to this story, 13 million of these “free” cell phones are out there now. More than half a million in Illinois alone. That’s enough votes to determine the outcome of a presidential election.

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