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Libyan Protesters Kick Islamists Out of Benghazi HQ

Finally, a good news story from the Islamic world.

Ten days after four Americans were killed in their Libyan city, hundreds of pro-democracy demonstrators marched in Benghazi and overtook the headquarters of a radical Islamist group tied to the attack.

The protesters took to the street Friday, loudly declaring that they — and not those behind last week’s deadly attack — represent the real sentiments of the Libyan people.

As militia members fled, the protesters torched a vehicle and took over the headquarters of Ansar al-Sharia without firing a single shot. They also claimed to have freed at least 20 captives held in the building.

One report says 30,000 Libyans marched to demand that the Islamist militias disband.

The difference between Libya’s reaction and the rest of that part of the world has been interesting, to say the least.

Our so-called allies in Pakistan blamed the YouTube video, set off a national holiday that put potential protesters in the streets, and ramped up the hate against the US to fan the flame. Their “day of love” resulted in 19 deaths. They’re now calling for our free speech to be curbed here in the US and around the world.

Libya hasn’t blamed the attacks on a film or on free speech or blasphemy. From the start, that interim weak government has been clear that terrorists were responsible. The Libyans were clear on that even when our own government was spinning about the attacks.

Pakistanis are throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails at the US embassy in Lahore.

Libyans protested to show that they’re America’s friends. And today Libyans are rising up to kick Islamists out of their local offices.