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Is This the Reason for the Obama Video Being Shown to Pakistan? posted a video today which they got from the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan’s Facebook page. In it, clips from both Obama and Hillary Clinton repeatedly disavow any disrespect of a religion.

While most would agree that disrespect of religion (and yes, that means Judaism and Christianity, too) is never commendable, it seems an odd response to follow up an event where our people were attacked and killed. What also seemed odd was why this was specifically targeted to Pakistan….until you take a look at this Facebook page event planned for tomorrow:

Muslim Ummah Demands: Expel US Ambassador, Close US Embassy and Bases.

Beloved Rasool Allah (saaw) said and Anas(RA) narrated “None of you would be considered a believer until I become more beloved to him than his family, wealth and all the people.” (Agreed upon)

Insult of Prophet(saaw) is intolerable.

March to Raise the Flag of Rasoolallah (saaw)!
March to show your love of Rasoolallah (saaw)!
March to Join Muslims around the World!
March to Expel the US Ambassador, Close US Embassy and Bases!
March to Eject Blasphemous Crusaders out of Our Lands!
March to Demand Unification of Muslim Ummah underthe Flag of Rasoolallah (saaw)!Organizers: Flag of Rasoolallah (saaw) unites us all.Details About event:
As stated above this is an event organised by the flag of Rasoolallah(saaw) because its our duty to raise the flag in front of the enemies of Islam. Our demands are very clear and we don’t want any confusion “Expel US Ambassador, Close US Embassy and Bases”.
We’ll be carrying the flags which the Prophet (saaw) gave to the sahabah when he sent them to expeditions. It is written on the black banner (rayah) “La ilaha illa Allah, Mohammad Ar-Rasool-Allah” in white, and written on the white banner (liwaa’)
“La ilaha illa Allah, Mohammad Ar-Rasool-Allah” in black.This would be a peaceful Rally.Place:
Masjid Siddiq-e-Akbar, near Savour, Blue Area Islamabad, Pakistan