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DOJ Official Resigns as DOJ Report on Fast and Furious Lands

Fox reports:

A major report released Wednesday on the Operation Fast and Furious scandal faulted a range of federal agencies for the failed anti-gunrunning program — and has resulted in the resignation of one Justice Department official.

Jason Weinstein, the deputy assistant attorney general for the Criminal Division, is resigning in the wake of the Justice Department inspector general report on Fast and Furious. The report essentially concludes that he is the most senior department official who was in a position to stop Fast and Furious.

The nearly 500-page report was completed after investigators reviewed 100,000 documents and interviewed 130 people.

This inspector general report was unusual in at least one respect: Its potential target, Attorney General Eric Holder, was allowed to view and edit the report before its release. Holder also used the report as an excuse not to release documents to the House committee which has investigated Fast and Furious, chaired by Rep. Darrell Issa of California. With that excuse now removed, Issa’s committee is likely to press for more documents so that it can come to its own conclusions about the purpose and failures in the gunwalking operation, which has been implicated in the deaths of two US law enforcement agents and hundreds of Mexican citizens.