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Down Here In The Trenches

I’m not second guessing Governor Romney’s campaign strategy, nor am I about to believe the ridiculously skewed polls.

While I’m not a numbers person and will leave that for someone better, I do understand that when the polls have something like +13 Democrats, in a year when Republicans are at least even in registrations and in some places ahead, and yet Obama manages only a +5 lead, it’s not the Romney campaign that is in trouble, and it is not they who need to regroup. (If the Main Stream Media has trouble understanding this concept, I shall find a bright kindergartner to explain it to them. Perhaps they’re not as corrupt as we thought! Perhaps they’re just a sadly innumerate product of our public school system. Oh, who am I kidding, they’re innumerate AND corrupt, and they drink their own ink.)

I’m not the only one to notice the discrepancy. People here and there have said the same, and over the weekend I came across a would-be moderate post (I can’t remember where, as I was teaching a writing workshop during the day, which saps my brain power) insisting that the media was right to use +8 Democrats in polls because “this is not 2010” and this time – they say in defiance of registrations, in defiance of the fact that we’ve all noticed Obama’s abysmal incompetence and that even college students aren’t that enthusiastic about him this time – the turnout will be JUST like 08.

Have I mentioned that our media – and their pollsters – tend to drink their own ink and believe their own stories?

Dang SKIPPY this is not 2010. We’re much angrier now. At least I am.

One indication of this is that while Obama and his campaign keep working to shore up their base, Governor Romney seems to be trying to appeal to the middle. He’s fairly sure his base is secure.

And perhaps we are – though the number of you whining how you’d rather have a different candidate (as though there was any other option but to go to the ball in the cutoffs you’ve got on) could give anyone a doubt or two – but I’d like to make a small appeal:

When even Instapundit says he hasn’t seen any Romney commercials; when I start feeling as if Governor Romney disappeared after the usual idiots pulled long knives on him the wake of his comments after the second 9/11; when the media is determined to have a blackout around the R/R campaign… You must throw some crumbs to the soldiers in the trenches.

In the unlikely event Governor Romney really believes that his comments were a mistake, let me tell him they weren’t. That day in America one leader acted presidential, and it wasn’t the one living in the White House. Without Governor Romney’s comments I would be feeling as I did before I attended my first Tea Party: as though neither side listened to me. If he had truly shot without aiming, he would simply be a Zen Archer.

I realize there’s October ahead, and who knows what other horrible events wait us. I realize money must be husbanded. But out here in the trenches, we are slogging on in the fog of war, and we have nothing to cheer us up. If you can manage it – of if representative Ryan can manage it — a speech like the one at the end of the Independence Day movie would be about what we need right now.

But if not, give us an empty chair day. Give us something to rally around. Give us something to laugh about.

As someone or other said, a good tactic is one your people enjoy.

Last week was one of humiliation and defeat for our country, a week in which all sane Americans had to contemplate the possibility the people who are supposed – above all – to protect us and defend the Constitution are almost certainly against us in fact and spirit.

Something we enjoy and which cheers us up would be very welcome about now.

And then we few, we happy few, we band of Americans, shall forge on in the darkness and the media induced fog. Because we must.