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Teamster James Hoffa: Say, the Republicans are a Lot Like Pol Pot

Classy. Hoffa spoke before the National Press Club today.

[Teamster boss James Hoffa] said the GOP at its national convention in Tampa, Fla., two weeks ago didn’t talk about “what they really believe in” or highlight former leaders such as President George W. Bush.

“The Republicans are rewriting history,” Hoffa said, saying the party is ignoring Bush’s eight years in office. “There was no recession. There were no wars. Nothing ever happened during those eight years,” he said.

The GOP wants to suggest “history began” with President Barack Obama and ignores all of the problems before 2009.”

“And none of the things that George Bush did during his time — with (financial bailout), Lehman Brothers, and the collapse of Wall Street — that never happened,” Hoffa said “It’s like Pol Pot — basically start (from) the Day One, the new calendars.”

Pol Pot also killed an awful lot of people. Given Obama’s stance on infanticide, that’s more of a Democrat thing.