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A Few Thoughts on the Second 9-11

I predicted some time ago that Osama bin Laden’s death could lead to a strengthening of ties between al-Qaeda and Egypt, which is now controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood. Ayman al-Zawahiri, the Egyptian doctor, succeeded bin Laden and comes from the Egyptian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. Now we’re seeing Egypt’s President Mohammad Morsi, who is also from the Muslim Brotherhood, call on the U.S. to prosecute filmmakers for allegedly insulting Islam. They’re both working toward the same goal: humiliating America and imposing Islamist speech standards on us.

As we now know, the film had nothing to do with the attacks in Cairo or Libya. The attacks were pre-planned and warned of on Monday. The attackers want something: the release of the sheikh who masterminded the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center in New York. Zawahiri re-iterated that demand today. Al-Qaeda’s and Egypt’s interests have been converging, and they snapped together on the 11th anniversary of 9-11.

They are, then, terrorists who are demanding that the United States violate our laws and release an enemy agent. Egypt’s president has taken their side against us.

It’s all so clear that the MSM will never see it.

And while all of this is going on — Egypt and al Qaeda getting close, Egypt imposing Islamic speech standards on the U.S. — the president jets off to a posh fundraiser in Vegas. The same city he denigrated a couple of years ago. The MSM isn’t questioning the optics of this.

Now Obama rips Romney for “shooting first” in reaction to the attacks. While the attacks happened, where was the president? Silent.

Mitt Romney provided leadership, at a moment the @USEmbassyCairo was selling out our First Amendment values. The Obama administration only disavowed those statements once they were clearly causing serious problems.

Obama now says that we should cut those staff in Cairo some slack. We should not criticize them from the “comfort of a campaign office.”

No. The president is wrong. Brave men and women have died establishing and defending those values.

The embassy staff were in Cairo to represent America and our values, not apologize for them.

Barack Obama still does not understand American values. Or he rejects them.

Either way, he fails to defend them. Mitt Romney spoke up when the president failed to provide leadership in a moment of crisis. At a moment when the Middle East was spinning out of control and the proverbial 3 am crisis call came in, America did not appear to have a president at all.

Until Mitt Romney spoke up, anyway.

An American president should always been the first one to defend our interests and our values. But Barack Obama is consistently among the last to defend America. He is far more comfortable excusing her or apologizing for her.

When America is attacked, Barack Obama is not a reliable defender of our values.

It’s not that this president has no fight in him. He does.

In the beginning of his term, when Republicans pressed him on his plans, he shut them down by telling them “I won.”

He fought hard for the stimulus and ObamaCare, pushing against the tides of public opinion.

To Hispanics, he advised that they should “punish their enemies.”

Barack Obama understands the difference between friends and enemies.

The question is, in his mind, who is who?