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Libertarian Party: Johnson Campaign Almost Broke, But Can Make Dent on Nov. 6

A Libertarian Party fundraising email that went out Friday notes that the campaign of former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson is “almost out of money” but can make an impact in the six weeks before the election that can make media take notice of the third party.

“40 million Americans watched and listened to candidates during the first 8 months of this year, while over 150 million will pay attention during the fast-approaching last 6 weeks before Nov. 6th,” wrote the party’s executive director, Carla Howell. “This is why Republican and Democratic campaign pollsters are tracking Libertarian Presidential candidate Gov. Gary Johnson’s campaign in weekly polls…in tipping point states.”

“This is why Republican Party Insiders hired $800-an-hour lawyers, wearing $3,000 suits, to try to kick our Libertarian Presidential Ticket off the ballot in Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Virginia,” she continued. “This is why it matters that we just beat them in Iowa, Ohio and Virginia – and why we’re working hard to win our cases in Michigan, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania.”

“During these last 6 weeks of the 2012 Campaigns, we can easily, effectively, quickly, and cheaply reach out and bring in massive numbers of libertarian-leaning people.”

Howell pointed to a Zogby poll last week showing Obama receiving 43.8 percent of the vote, Romney polling at 43.5 percent, and 12.7 percent undecided. When Johnson’s name was added as a choice, the numbers shifted to Obama at 42.7 percent, 41 percent for Romney, 4.3 percent backing Johnson and 12 percent unsure.

“A former George Bush campaign insider told us, ‘Your Libertarian Presidential candidate Gov. Gary Johnson may determine who wins this Presidential campaign,'” Howell wrote. “You and I and our fellow Libertarians can seize this huge opportunity – IF we’re ready for the last 6 weeks before Election Day.”