Kerry Deploys Swift Boat Reference to Help Obama Raise Cash

The Democrats’ presidential nominee in 2004 penned a fundraising email for President Obama today, urging supporters to “respond quickly and powerfully to attacks from the other side.”


“What makes 2012 different from when I ran for president in 2004 is that the other side doesn’t have to wait for an outside group to come along with false attacks,” said Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.). “Consider this: Swift Boat Veterans for Truth spent about $23 million on smear ads against me in 2004. This year, the Romney campaign and super PACs have promised to spend more than $1 billion.”

It was probably little coincidence that the Dems deployed the Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman the day after two speeches — those by Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice — hit hard at the administration for a failed foreign policy.

“Barack Obama has been a tremendous leader who has moved our country forward in more ways than we even probably now realize. He needs another four years to get the job done,” Kerry said. “If you tune in to the convention, you’ll see that Mitt Romney and his allies have no qualms about misleading voters if it means defeating President Obama.”


“But their attacks won’t work if enough people step up to protect the President’s record,” the Kerry email continued. “Don’t let them get away with it.”

Kerry has been given the prime speaking slot just before Obama next Thursday at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. His speech is expected to focus on Afghanistan, Iraq, and the killing of Osama bin Laden, with no love lost for fellow Massachusetts politician Romney.


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