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Photoblogging the RNC, Day Two — Getting Gets

Day two of the Republican National Convention found us roving about getting interviews for PJTV and looking forward to tonight’s primetime speeches.

Actress Janine Turner became the first PJM contributor to deliver an address to the RNC on Tuesday night. Today we caught up with her in the media filing center known as Googleland.

Our conversation with Janine will be on PJTV.

Over at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s gathering at the Crowne Plaza, Rep. Allen West delivered a speech before Roger spent a few minutes with him for another PJTV interview.

West then met up with pollster Frank Luntz. In the PJTV interview, West addresses the now fired Yahoo! news chief’s comments about Republicans, partying, and New Orleans.

The two Rogers, Kimball and Simon, doing what we all do too much of around here: Check our phones.

This photo doesn’t need much interpretation.