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Despite What Todd Akin Says, It's Only A Matter of Time Before He Drops Out

Rep. Todd Akin has been slammed by Mitt Romney and two GOP senators have called for him to drop out. On Mike Huckabee’s radio show today, Akin said he was staying in the race.

But according to NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell, the National Republican Senate Campaign has pulled its ads on his behalf. That’s $5 million in air support Akin will not have, while the Democrats will probably buy more ads to help Sen. McCaskill now. Those new buys will include ads that will do nothing more than quote Akin accurately.

Crossroads GPS has also pulled its buys from Missouri’s Senate race. No word on how large the GPS buy was, but it was probably big. McCaskill was viewed, until this past weekend, as a likely GOP pick-up en route to a GOP Senate majority. Now that’s hanging by a thread.

Both the NRSC and GPS can be expected to renew their buys if the GOP gets a new candidate in that race. Akin now has nowhere to go but out.

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