Former VA Gov Doug Wilder Keeps Up the Heat on Biden

Fresh from his “accidental” surprise appearance at a Mitt Romney fundraiser in Richmond Thursday night, former VA Gov. Doug Wilder appeared on America’s Morning News today. Wilder picked up where he left off on Fox Thursday, blasting away at Vice President Joe Biden for his “They gonna put y’all back in chains!” comment.


GOV. WILDER: In my judgement, that “throwaway line” was calculated to say something mean, nasty and vicious that’s happening to some people. And ‘it isn’t me of course, it’s y’all.’ That’s the thing that really that really concerned me. ‘Y’all are gonna be, something bad’s gonna happen to y’all, it won’t happen to me, I’m ok.’

Later in the interview, Wilder seemed to sympathize a little with the president for the position that Biden’s serial gaffes put him in.

GOV. WILDER: If anybody knows the gaffeproneness of Joe Biden, it’s the president. Look what Biden said about the president just yesterday, according to the Washington Post. In a 2010 interview, this is what he said about his president at that time: ‘You know, the president is smarter than I thought he was.’


It’s worth pointing out that adding Biden to the ticket was one of the very first choices that Barack Obama made upon securing the Democratic nomination. The quality of the vice presidential pick reflects directly on the president’s judgement.

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