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West: Attack Ad Shows 'Duplicitous Hypocrisy' in Way Black Conservatives are Treated

Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) said yesterday on Fox that a recent campaign ad showing him punching white women and stealing cash demonstrates an “incredible bit of duplicitous hypocrisy” in the way that black conservatives are treated.

West said that the ad showed that the Democrats don’t have any plans to counter his policies.

“And so they have to try to attack your character, which is not going to work,” he said. “Having spent 22 years in the United States military, I think people need to understand I know a little bit about strategy and tactics, and I can quickly turn and counterattack to any attack that they bring forth.”

Patrick Murphy, a 29-year-old businessman, won Tuesday’s Democratic primary and will face first-term West in the fall. The ad was paid for by a PAC supporting Murphy.

“When people see this ad, they are just absolutely disgusted. They saw it as despicable,” West said. “Many people saw it quite frankly as racist and showing me with a gold tooth and punching white women to include a senior, which everybody knows that is not me.”

The NAACP claimed the ad wasn’t racist, but “a traditional, political, partisan commercial.”

The congressman said his opponents went after him in such a way because “they are threatened by that because the we are not part of that liberal, let’s be very honest, that economic dependency plantation, which they would love to have.”

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