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Poll: Ryan Pick Bumps Romney to Lead in Ohio, Virginia

Moderates fret that Paul Ryan is a disastrous pick for Mitt Romney. A new poll out today suggests that the moderates just might be wrong.

In the immediate aftermath of Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate, the GOP ticket has drawn even with the Democratic ticket. Today, Romney and Ryan lead the Obama-Biden ticket by a point (47% to 46%), an improvement from July when President Obama led Romney by 2 points, 47% to 45%.

The Romney-Ryan ticket is fueled by an 11-point advantage among independents. This represents an increase from July, when Romney held a 5-point margin over Obama among that key group.

In our Purple Predictor states, Ryan’s addition to the ticket has had a mixed impact on the race.

Romney has seen the largest gain in Ohio, a state we have seen bounce between the campaigns over the last few months. Today, the GOP ticket leads by 2 points (46% to 44%), compared to July when President Obama led the state 48% to 45%. Romney also gained ground in Virginia – today, he and Paul Ryan hold a 3-point advantage in the race (48% to 45%), while Romney trailed by 2 points in July.

Romnney’s image also got a mild boost according to the Purple Poll, thanks to the Ryan announcement.

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